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  • Sách/Book

  • Authors: Solomon, Michael R (2018)

  • The 10th Edition continues its focus on the core issues of study. These include value, personal branding, analytics and metrics, and ethical and sustainable marketing. With this text, you'll be well equipped to tackle what's happening in the world of marketing today

  • Sách/Book

  • Authors: Kreutzer, Ralf T (2023)

  • This book introduces the fundamentals of marketing and is consistently oriented to the following guiding ideas: Ensuring a consistent transfer of theoretical approaches into practical implementations throughout all chapters. Integration of a variety of examples in order to make marketing directly comprehensible at all times.Clear presentation of goals, strategies, instruments and psychological explanations of marketing. A marketing book that has been consistently developed with and for its target group.

  • Sách/Book

  • Authors: Massi, Marta (2023)

  • Taking a new approach to a relatively underexplored area, this book examines the concept of authenticity and its relevance to marketing management. The author draws on several disciplines, including arts, philosophy, sociology and psychology, as well as focusing on important sub-fields within the field of marketing such as consumer behaviour and tourism.

  • Sách/Book

  • Authors: Barnes, Marcia (2023)

  • In Here We Grow, you'll learn how to build scalable and repeatable marketing programs that result in transformational change - whatever that may look like for your business. Along the way, you'll get to know Marcia Barnes, founder and CEO of Valve+Meter Performance Marketing and her personal story of transformation that took her from poor beginnings to building a marketing methodology that grew one company's annual revenue from $2 million to $440 million.

  • Sách/Book

  • Authors: Wang, Cheng Lu (2023)

  • This book provides a timely and comprehensive textbook companion and/or course project resource for college educators and students used for variety of graduate and undergraduate marketing courses, such as Digital Marketing, Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing, New Media Communication, Marketing Analytics and Marketing Management, etc

  • Sách/Book

  • Authors: Albrecht, Maria Gomez (2023)

  • Principles of Marketing is designed to meet the scope and sequence for a one-semester marketing course for undergraduate business majors and minors. Principles of Marketing provides a solid grounding in the core concepts and frameworks of marketing theory and analysis so that business students interested in a major or minor in marketing will also be prepared for more rigorous, upper-level elective courses. Concepts are further reinforced through detailed, diverse, and real

  • Sách/Book

  • Authors: Kihn, Martin (2020)

  • Never before has there been such a stark dichotomy in marketing: customers demand the type of deep personalization from brands that technology companies like Netflix and Amazon deliver, but they are increasingly leery of offering the type of personal data required to make it happen. Over the years companies have built byzantine "stacks" of various marketing and advertising technology to try and deliver the fabled "right person, right message, right time" experience to deliver on customer journeys, but have found themselves stuck with a hot mess of siloed systems, disconnected processes, and legacy technical debt.

  • Sách/Book

  • Authors: Hannig, Uwe (2023)

  • This book clarifies based on latest findings and research what one needs to know about marketing and sales automation, how to manage projects to implement them, select and implement tools, and what results can be achieved. It also outlines what can be expected in the future such as the automation of corporate communication and Human Resources.

  • Sách/Book

  • Authors: Brognara, Roberto (2023)

  • This book argues that the apparent omnipotence of algorithms today is not what it seems, particularly, in marketing, where they actually offer less than they could. Considering the reasons behind this, it also notes that Big Data has relaunched a kind of data glorification and automated procedures that, culturally, marketing has already recognized and overcome at least once.