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  • Bài báo/Newspaper

  • Authors: Dennis Aigner (1977)

  • Previous studies of the so-called frontier production function have not utilized an adequate characterization of the disturbance term for such a model. In this paper we provide an ap propriate specification, by defining the disturbance term as the sum of symmetric normal and (negative) half-normal random variables. Various aspects of maximum-likelihood estimation for the coefficients of a production function with an additive disturbance term of this sort are then considered.

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  • Authors: Morris Goldstein (1978)

  • The primary purpose of this study is to investigate the price responsiveness of both export demand and export supply using quarterly data on the aggregate exports of eight industrial countries for the period 1955-1970. Two relatively simple models of export demand and supply are introduced and these models are then estimated simultaneously so as to eliminate any bias arising from the two-way relationship between export quantities and export prices

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  • Authors: James E. Anderson (1979)

  • Probably the most successful empirical trade device of the last twenty-five years is the gravity equation. Applied to a wide variety of goods and factors moving over regional and national borders under dif fering circumstances, it usually produces a good fit