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  • Bài báo/Newspaper

  • Authors: G. E. Battese (1959)

  • A stochastic frontier production function is defined for panel data on firms, in which the non-negative technical inetGciency effects are assumed to be a function of firm-specific variables and time. The inefficiency effects are assumed to be independently distributed as truncations of normal distributions with constant variance, but with means which are a linear function of observ able variables. This panel data model is an extension of recently proposed models for inefTiciency effects in stochastic frontiers for cross-sectional data. An empirical application of the model is obtained using up to ten years of data on paddy farmers from an Indian village. The null hypo theses, that the inefficiency effects are not stochastic or do not depend on the farmer-specific vari ables and time...

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  • Authors: Irving Morrissett (1953)

  • The assumption is usually present that a high value of this measure is associated with close rivalry between the two goods under consideration, but no benchmarks are given by which one may judge whether a particular value is high or low