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  • Authors: Mai Phuong Thanh; Pham Thi Van Anh; Nguyen Trong Thong (2020)

  • Male hypogonadism is a clinical syndrome caused by androgen deficiency which may adversely affect multiple organ functions and quality of life; it is one of the causes of infertility. The present study was undertaken to evaluate the androgenic properties of TD0014 at the dose of 1.8 g/kg and 5.4 g/kg on castrated peripubertal and weanling rats according to OECD guidelines 441 and 115, respectively. In castrated rats, the relative weights of ventral prostate and paired Cowper’s glands were increased in the TD0014 treated group (p < 0.05).

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  • Authors: Dang Thi Thu Hien; Nguyen Trong Thong; Pham Thuy Phuong (2020)

  • Hamo NK hard capsule is composed of dry extracts formulation of herbal medicine which had shown good properties for effective treatment of dyslipidemia. However, there are no scientific report of its toxicological properties which would guarantee its safe usage as a potent treatment of dyslipidemia. Therefore, the present study was to investigate acute and sub-chronic toxicity of Hamo NK on mice and rats through oral administration. Acute toxicity study was performed in Swiss mice at tolerable ascending doses in mice and followed up to 7 days