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  • TVS.000952- Dyer, Ruthanna_ Gould, Barbara E - Pathophysiology for the health professions (2011, Saunders_Elsevier) - GT.pdf.jpg
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  • Authors: E. Gould, Barbara (2011)

  • This textbook is intended to facilitate your learning, and we hope you find it both useful and interesting. Many aids to learning have been incorporated in the design of this book, and are intended to maximize your learning. So, before you begin your course, take a few moments to read the preface to acquaint yourself with the general format, guidelines for users, list of contents, and special features. Then examine the tables and illustrations found on the insides of the front and back covers, and the material in the appendices at the back of the book. Glance over the introductory material in chapter 1 and several other chapters to check out the organization and style of presentation,...