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  • Recording, musical

  • Authors: Madonna (2000)

  • "Music" is a song recorded by American singer Madonna as the title track for her eighth studio album (2000). It was released as the lead single from the album on August 21, 2000, by Maverick and Warner Bros. Records. "Music" was inspired by a Sting concert Madonna attended and was written and produced by her with Mirwais Ahmadzaï. It is a disco, electro-funk and dance-pop song in a static key of G minor. Madonna's vocals are electronically manipulated in the track, with the lyrics having political and social undertones and reiterating the uniting power of music.

  • Recording, musical

  • Authors: Jeff Gutcheon (1997)

  • This book is designed for the pianist with some experience who wants to play professional-sounding rock piano. It covers boogie, gospel, country shuffle, pop-rock, R&B, and funk. There are tunes and exercises to work with.

  • Recording, musical

  • Authors: Percy Goetschius (2020)

  • This manual treats of the structural designs of musical composition, not of the styles or species of music. It undertakes the thorough explanation of each design or form, from the smallest to the largest; and such comparison as serves to demonstrate the principle of natural evolution, in the operation of which the entire system originates. This explanation—be it well understood—is conducted solely with a view to the Analysis of musical works, and is not calculated to prepare the student for the application of form in practical composition.

  • Recording, musical

  • Authors: David J. Hargreaves (1986)

  • This book sets out the psychological basis of musical development in children and adults. The study has two major objectives: to review the research findings, theories and methodologies relevant to the developmental study of music; and to offer a framework within which these can be organised so as to pave the way for future research.

  • Book

  • Authors: Richard K. Miller (2013)

  • With a thorough and in-depth analysis of the $630 billion restaurant and foodservice industry, this handbook provides consumer spending data, market forecasts, trends assessments for all segments, and more. An analysis is presented of restaurant spending distribution in each state and dining statistics for each metro area. Over 700 website links are included in the handbook to guide readers to additional resources.

  • Book

  • Authors: Daphne Simmons (2016)

  • This book provides research on the production, consumption and health benefits of citrus fruits. The first chapter begins with an overview of citrus based refineries. Chapters two and three discuss hesperidin and narirutin, which are citrus flavonoids. Chapter four studies the use of citrus residues as raw materials for biomolecules and energy.

  • Book

  • Authors: - (2015)

  • Nhằm đáp ứng nhu cầu nguồn nhân lực có chất lượng cho ngành Du lịch Việt Nam, Dự án Chương trình Phát triển Năng lực Du lịch có trách nhiệm với Môi trường và Xã hội do Liên minh châu Âu tài trợ (Dự án EU) được giao nhiệm vụ sửa đổi bộ Tiêu chuẩn Kỹ năng nghề Du lịch Việt Nam (VTOS) do Dự án “Phát triển Nguồn Nhân lực Du lịch Việt Nam” (Dự án HRDT) được Liên minh châu Âu tài trợ xây dựng. Bộ tiêu chuẩn VTOS sửa đổi được phát triển và chuẩn hóa theo các tiêu chuẩn nghề quốc tế cũng như Tiêu chuẩn năng lực chung về nghề du lịch trong ASEAN (ACCSTP) và đáp ứng được các yêu cầu của Thỏa thuận thừa nhận lẫn nhau về du lịch trong ASEAN (MRA-TP).

  • Book

  • Authors: Marissa Marie (2020)

  • 870+ Beverages to Satiate All Kinds of Thirsts, Almost... This Book Contains: All the basic info you will need to get started with making Cocktails, Coffee, Juices, Infused Water, Iced Teas, and Much More!370 Cocktails 101 Coffee Recipes150 Juice Recipes 100 Infused Water Recipes100 Smoothies 50 Iced Tea Recipes.