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  • Sách/Book

  • Authors: Coyle, John J. (John Joseph) (2016)

  • The tenth edition of SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT: A LOGISTICS PERSPECTIVE refined its focus on the supply chain approach by blending logistics theory with practical applications and includes updated material on the latest technology, transportation regulations, pricing, and other issues.

  • Sách/Book

  • Authors: Xu, Chunhui (2018)

  • This is the first book to introduce the major quantitative tools in risk management taking financial investments and logistics planning as the background: optimization and stochastic programming. Contained here are the fundamentals of portfolio selection theory from the point of view of risk control, and methods for risk control with new and popular risk measures such as VaR (Value-at-Risk) and CVaR (Conditional VaR). The book also introduces a new theory for risk management in more general investment situations such as flexible investment decisions, providing an accessible and comprehensive introduction to the interrelations between these fields of research

  • Sách/Book

  • Authors: Rushton, Alan (2017)

  • This revised 6th edition of The Handbook of Logistics and Distribution Management provides solutions to today's key challenges. With new material on international freight forwarding, environmental best practice, cool chain, intermodal shipping and outsourcing and a new, detailed index of contents.

  • Sách/Book

  • Authors: Grant, David B (2015)

  • The book provides an excellent insight into the topic that will help managers, students, and scholars grasp the fundamentals of green supply and logistics management.

  • Sách/Book

  • Authors: Schönsleben, Paul (2022)

  • Integral Logistics Management —Operations and Supply Chain Management Within and Across Companies. As for the previous edition, issues in strategy and design of supply chains have once again gained importance. Accordingly, I have combined the basic principles of the Integral Logistics Management with its strategies in the entrepreneurial context and its strategic design options in a separate part of the new edition.

  • Sách/Book

  • Authors: Song, Dong-Wook (2015)

  • Globalization and the rapid increase in world trade in the past decade have contributed to greater demand for international transport and logistics and, consequently, the expansion of the maritime industry. The dramatic changes in the mode of world trade and cargo transportation make it more important than ever to have a clear understanding of the way in which freight is transported by sea and the role of ports in this exchange