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  • Book

  • Authors: Robert Bringhurst (2004)

  • Renowned typographer and poet Robert Bringhurst brings clarity to the art of typography with this masterful style guide. Combining practical, theoretical, and historical, this book is a must for graphic artists, editors, or anyone working with the printed page using digital or traditional methods.

  • Book

  • Authors: Steve Wright (2006)

  • This book presents you with tips, tricks and techniques for dealing with the badly shot elements, color artifacts, and mismatched lighting that bedevil compositors. Included in this book is: in-depth, practical methods for bluescreen matte extraction, despill operations, compositing operations, and color correction-the "meat and potatoes" of all digital effects.

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  • Authors: Rafael C. Gonzalez; Richard E. Woods (2002)

  • This edition is the most comprehensive revision of Digital Image Processing since the book first appeared in 1977.As the 1977 and 1987 editions by Gonzalez and Wintz,and the 1992 edition by Gonzalez and Woods,the present edition was prepared with students and instructors in mind.Thus,the principal objectives of the book continue to be to provide an introduction to basic concepts and methodologies for digital image processing,and to develop a foundation that can be used as the basis for further study and research in this field.To achieve these objectives, we again focused on material that we believe is fundamental and has a scope of application that is not limited to the solution of specialized problems.The mathematical complexity of the book remains at a level well within the grasp ...

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  • Authors: Havidán RodríguezEnrico (2007)

  • This timely Handbook is based on the principle that disasters are social constructions and focuses on social science disaster research. It provides an interdisciplinary approach to disasters with theoretical, methodological, and practical applications.

  • Book

  • Authors: Lubos Sobotka (2004)

  • Trình bày khái niệm cơ bản trong dinh dưỡng; Sinh lý và hóa sinh dinh dưỡng; Các tổ chức và tính pháp lý; Cơ chất trong dinh dưỡng tĩnh mạch và tiêu hóa; Dinh dưỡng qua đường tiêu hóa; Dinh dưỡng tĩnh mạch; Theo dõi hỗ trợ dinh dưỡng;...

  • Book

  • Authors: Marc J. Roberts (2004)

  • This book presents a new multi-disciplinary framework for developing and analyzing health sector reform plans in a wide variety of national circumstances. By focusing on the health care system as a means to an end, the authors provide tools and techniques for designing reforms that will produce real improvements in health sector performance. Integrating economic analysis, political strategy, managerial considerations, and ethical concerns, they offer practical guidance for dealing with the many difficult challenges of health sector reform.

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  • Authors: Langenbrunner, Jack (2009)

  • "Strategic purchasing of health services involves a continuous search for the best ways to maximize health system performance by deciding which interventions should be purchased, from whom these should be purchased, and how to pay for them. In such an arrangement, the passive cashier is replaced by an intelligent purchaser that can focus scarce resources on existing and emerging priorities rather than continuing entrenched historical spending patterns. Having experimented with different ways of paying providers of health care services, countries increasingly want to know not only what to do when paying providers, but also how to do it, particularly how to design, manage, and implement the transition from current to reformed systems. 'Designing and Implementing Health Care Provider P...

  • Book

  • Authors: - (2009)

  • This report uses a comprehensive framework for studying health risks that was developed for the World Health Report 2002, which presented estimates for the year 2000. The report provides an update for the year 2004 for 24 global risk factors. It uses updated information from WHO programs and scientific studies for both exposure data and the causal associations of risk exposure to disease and injury outcomes. The burden of disease attributable to risk factors is measured in terms of lost years of healthy life using the metric of the disability-adjusted life year (DALY). The DALY combines years of life lost due to premature death with years of healthy life lost due to illness and disability. Health risks are in transition: populations are ageing owing to successes against infectious ...