Số 8 Tập C2 - 2023 (7)


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  • TCTL.0000089.pdf.jpg
  • Bài báo/Newspaper

  • Authors: Si Duc Quang (2023)

  • Let F be an algebraically closed field of characteristic p ≥ 0, which is complete with respect to a non-Archimedean absolute value. Let V be a projective subvariety of P M(F). In this paper, we will prove some second main theorems for non-Archimedean meromorphic maps of Fm into V intersecting a family of hypersurfaces in N−subgeneral position with truncated counting functions.

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  • Bài báo/Newspaper

  • Authors: Wee JunJie (2023)

  • The Korenblum Maximum Principle is an important open problem in complex analysis as it acts as one of the fundamental properties of complex function spaces that remains unsolved. First conjectured in 1991, the principle was introduced [15] by Boris Korenblum for the classical Bergman space A2 (D) in the following way

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  • Bài báo/Newspaper

  • Authors: Tran Quang Duy (2022)

  • In recent years, blockchain technology, with its outstanding advantages in terms of security and decentralized data storage, has quickly been applied in education, especially in managing educational certificates. The traditional paper certificate management process has many limitations on security, storage, verification, ownership, and prevention of certificate fraud and tampering. With emerging blockchain technology, the traditional paper certificate management process has changed to a new stage with massive benefits and opportunities to overcome the above challenges. Following this approach, many blockchain-based applications have been proposed, and several universities worldwide ha...

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  • Bài báo/Newspaper

  • Authors: Nguyễn Việt Dũng (2022)

  • In [4] M. Farber defined the topological complexity T C(X) of a path-connected space X. Generalizing this notion, ten years later, Yu. Rudyak introduced a sequence of invariants, called the higher topological complexities T Cn(X), for any path-connected space X in [7]. These invariants have their origin in the notion of the Schwarz genus of a fibration defined in [8]. One of the tools used to calculate these invariants is the product inequality for the Schwarz genus. In this paper, we will give a generalization of the product inequality of the higher topological complexity.

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  • Bài báo/Newspaper

  • Authors: Muu Le Dung (2023)

  • We provide a brief survey on basic solution approaches for solving the equilibirum problem defined by the Nikaido-Isoda-Fan inequality. Namely, first we state the problem and consider its most important special cases including the optimization, inverse optimization, Kakutani fixed point, variational inequality, Nash equilibrium problems. Next, we present some basic solution approaches for the problem. Finally, as an application, we consider the famous Cournot-Nash oligopolistic equilibrium model and discuss algorithms for solving it.

  • TCTL.0000083.pdf.jpg
  • Bài báo/Newspaper

  • Authors: John C. Baez (2023)

  • During what Vietnamese call the American War, Alexander Grothendieck spent three weeks teaching mathematics in and near Hanoi. Hoàng Xuân Sính took notes on his lectures and later did her thesis work with him by correspondence. In her thesis she developed the theory of ‘Gr-categories’, which are monoidal categories in which all objects and morphisms have inverses. Now often called ‘2-groups’, these structures allow the study of symmetries that themselves have symmetries. After a brief account of how Hoàng Xuân Sính wrote her thesis, we explain some of its main results, and its context in the history of mathematics