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  • TVS.004758-Smart delivery systems  solving complex vehicle routing problems.pdf.jpg
  • Sách/Book

  • Authors: Nalepa, Jakub (2020)

  • Smart Delivery Systems: Solving Complex Vehicle Routing Problems examines both exact and approximate methods for delivering optimal solutions to rich vehicle routing problems, showing both the advantages and disadvantages of each approach. It shows how to apply machine learning and advanced data analysis techniques to improve routing systems, familiarizing readers with the concepts and technologies used in successfully implemented delivery systems.

  • TVS.001438_F. Robert Jacobs - Operations and Supply Chain Management(2019)_1.pdf.jpg
  • Sách/Book

  • Authors: F. Robert Jacobs (2019)

  • The Fifth Edition of Operations and Supply Chain Management: The Core, focuses on the important core concepts in the dynamic field of operations. Just as lava flows from the core of the earth, operations and supply chain management is the core of business. Material must flow through supply chain processes to create cash output and input. This new edition has an increased focus on supply chain analytics involving the analysis of data to better solve business problems.

  • TVS.001437_Bozarth, Cecil C._ Handfield, Robert B - Introduction to operations and supply chain management-Pearson (2019)_1.pdf.jpg
  • Sách/Book

  • Authors: Cecil Bozarth (2018)

  • Introduction to Operations and Supply Chain Management is an integrated, comprehensive introduction to both operations and supply chain management (SCM). The text remains engaging and brief while integrating all of the major concepts of both subjects in one cohesive source. The 5th Edition contains updated content and thorough coverage of analytical tools and techniques that students will apply to their careers in operations and SCM. It explores these topics in an interesting and relatable manner, providing students with real-world examples and easy-to-understand material.

  • TVS.001436_Achillas, Charisios - Green supply chain management-Routledge (2019)_1.pdf.jpg
  • Sách/Book

  • Authors: Charisios Achillas (2018)

  • Green Supply Chain Management provides a strategic overview of sustainable supply chain management, shedding light on the theoretical background and key principles of the topic. Specifically, this book covers various thematic areas including benefits and impact of green supply chain management; enablers and barriers on supply chain operations; inbound and outbound logistics considerations; and production, packaging and reverse logistics under the notion of "greening". The ultimate aim of this textbook is to highlight the challenges in the implementation of green supply chain management in modern companies and to provide a roadmap for decision-making in real-life cases.

  • TVS.001432_Ming Liu, Jie Cao, Jing Liang, MingJun Chen - Epidemic-logistics Modeling_ A New Perspective on Operations Research-Springer Singapore (2020)_1.pdf.jpg
  • Sách/Book

  • Authors: Ming Liu (2020)

  • This book is the first work to conduct the emergency logistics optimization problem under the epidemic environment (whether natural or man-made), which provides a new perspective for the application of optimization theory. In this book, the research methods involve epidemic dynamics, scenario-based emergency decision-making method, big data which combines the traditional and emerging technologies. The authors take epidemic outbreak as the research object and deeply integrate the epidemic spread model with the optimization model of emergency resource scheduling, which opens up a novel application area of operations research.

  • TVS.001425_Besbes, Walid_Dhouib, Diala_Wassan, Niaz_Marrekchi, Emna - Solving Transport Problems_ Towards Green Logistics-Wiley-Iste (2020)_1.pdf.jpg
  • Sách/Book

  • Authors: Walid Besbes (2020)

  • The studies of green transportation compiled in this book have identified certain areas of interest, such as references, viewpoints, algorithms and ideas. Solving Transport Problems is for researchers, environmental decision-makers and other concerned parties, to start discussion on developing optimized technology and alternative fuel-based integrated models for environmentally cleaner transport systems.

  • TVS.001293_Anthony M. Pagano, Matthew Liotine - Technology in Supply Chain Management and Logistics_ Current Practice and Future Applications-Elsevier (2019)_1.pdf.jpg
  • Sách/Book

  • Authors: Anthony Pagano (2019)

  • Technology in Supply Chain Management and Logistics: Current Practice and Future Applications analyzes the implications of these technologies in a variety of supply chain settings, including block chain, Internet of Things (IoT), inventory optimization, and medical supply chain. This book outlines how technologies are being utilized for product planning, materials management and inventory, transportation and distribution, workflow, maintenance, the environment, and in health and safety. Readers will gain a better understanding of the implications of these technologies with respect to value creation, operational effectiveness, investment level, technical migration and general industry ...

  • TVS.001292_Achahchah, Mohamed - Lean transportation management_ using logistics as a strategic differentiator-Taylor _ Francis (2019)_1.pdf.jpg
  • Sách/Book

  • Authors: Mohamed Achahchah. (2018)

  • This book provides an overview of the key transportation management processes from a shipper’s perspective. It enables managers to gain quick insight in the added value of transportation as a strategic differentiator, its key drivers, and guidelines on how to use them in an effective and efficient decision-making process. It explains how to identify and eliminate waste using basic Lean tools and proven concepts. The reader is guided on how to start implementing the Lean methodology and best practices in the industry to realize significant savings.

  • TVS.001278_Brue, Stanley L._ Flynn, Sean Masaki_ McConnell, Campbell R. - Microeconomics_ principles, problems, and policies-McGraw-Hill Education (2018)_1.pdf.jpg
  • Sách/Book

  • Authors: Mark Richards (2020)

  • This book provides the first comprehensive overview of software architecture’s many aspects. Aspiring and existing architects alike will examine architectural characteristics, architectural patterns, component determination, diagramming and presenting architecture, evolutionary architecture, and many other topics.

  • TVS.001270_(6th) Robert M. Monczka, Robert B. Handfield, Larry C. Giunipero, James L. Patterson - Purchasing and Supply Chain Management-South-Western College_West (2016)_1.pdf.jpg
  • Sách/Book

  • Authors: Robert M. Monczka (2015)

  • Providing a solid managerial perspective, draws from the authors' firsthand experiences and relationships with executives and practitioners worldwide to present the most current and complete coverage of today's supply management process. The text includes critical developments from the field, such as cases from emerging healthcare and service industries, procure-to-pay redesign, supply risk, innovation, sustainability, collaboration, and much more. It also examines key changes in supply management and the impact of the global economy and ongoing business uncertainty on continuous cost and value management across the supply chain. Numerous real-world cases and captivating examples give...

  • TVS.001269_Paul R. Murphy, Jr., A. Michael Knemeyer - Contemporary Logistics (Global Edition)-Pearson (2018)_1.pdf.jpg
  • Sách/Book

  • Authors: Paul R. Murphy (2018)

  • A market-leading text, Contemporary Logistics explores modern logistics from a managerial perspective. These are characterized by geopolitical tensions in parts of the world, steadily increasing trade, supply chain vulnerabilities caused by severe natural disasters, and an unabated pace of technological advancement. In it, readers see theory come to life through timely, practical, and exciting coverage of logistics fundamentals, and challenges and opportunities for logistics managers in today’s dynamic global landscape. The 12th Edition provides the most up-to-date insights and perspectives sourced from reviewers, adopters, and other stakeholders.