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  • Newspaper

  • Authors: Akyildiz. I.F (2002)

  • This paper describes the concept of sensor networks which has been made viable by the convergence of micro electro-mechanical systems technology, wireless communications and digital electronics. First, the sensing tasks and the potential sensor networks applications are explored, and a review of factors influencing the design of sensor networks is provided. Then, the communication architecture for sensor networks is outlined, and the algorithms and protocols developed for each layer in the literature are explored. Open research issues for the realization of sensor networks are also discussed. 2002 Published by Elsevier Science B.V

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  • Newspaper

  • Authors: Nguyen Cat Ho (2008)

  • In previous papers, we introduced a new reasoning method based on quantifying linguistic domains, established a new fuzzy control algorithm, called hedge-algebras-based controller (HAC), and applied it to solve some fuzzy control problems. The HAC does not require fuzzy sets to provide the semantics of the linguistic terms used in the fuzzy rule system rather the semantics is obtained through the semantically quantifying mappings (SQMs). It was shown that the new method is very effective, i.e. for these problems it is always able to efficiently control the process toward the stable state. In the algebraic approach, the design of an HAC leads to the determination of the parameters...

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  • Newspaper

  • Authors: Nguyễn Cát Hồ (2016)

  • Chuỗi thời gian mờ do Song & Chissom đưa ra trên tạp chí “Fuzzy Sets and Systems” năm 1993 đã được nghiên cứu rộng rãi trên thế giới cho mục đích dự báo. Tuy nhiên, độ chính xác của dự báo trên quan điểm xem xét chuỗi thời gian theo tiếp cận mờ của Song & Chissom còn chưa cao do phụ thuộc vào nhiều yếu tố. S.M Chen (1996) đã đề xuất mô hình dự báo chuỗi thời gian mờ rất hiệu quả chỉ sử dụng các tính toán số học đơn giản. Sau đó mô hình này được nghiên cứu cải tiến trong nhiều ứng dụng dự báo và đã có được nhiều kết quả chính xác hơn.

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  • Newspaper

  • Authors: Cat Ho Nguyen (2016)

  • The report aims to show that hedge algebras model actually the proper qualitative semantics of words of linguistic variables based on the argument that the inherent qualitative semantics of words should be expressed through the order relationships between the words in their respective variable domains induced by the word semantics, as it is required by decision making of human daily lives