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  • Book

  • Authors: Kaplan Publishing (2020)

  • The Financial Accounting Study Text helps you learn the underlying principles, concepts and regulations relating to financial accounting. Written by subject specialists, the Study Text will encourage you to develop technical proficiency in the use of double-entry accounting techniques and you can follow guidance from ACCA about how to apply your knowledge to the exams. You can test how much you've learnt with knowledge tests which appear regularly throughout the text and it includes supplementary materials to increase your chance of success.

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  • Authors: BBP Learning Media (2020)

  • Là nhà xuất bản tài liệu ACCA đầu tiên được công nhận, BPP Learning Media đã đặt ra tiêu chuẩn để sản xuất các tài liệu học tập đặc biệt cho cả sinh viên và gia sư. Nội dung học tập, Bộ tài liệu thực hành & ôn tập và i-Pass (dành cho các kỳ thi theo yêu cầu) của chúng tôi được xem xét bởi nhóm khảo thí ACCA và được viết bởi các tác giả nội bộ của chúng tôi với kinh nghiệm trong ngành và giảng dạy, những người hiểu được những gì cần thiết để thành công trong kỳ thi.

  • Book

  • Authors: Stephen Pryke ed (2020)

  • This book provides a unique appraisal of supply chain management (SCM) concepts brought together with lessons from industry and analysis gathered from extensive research on how supply chains are managed in the construction industry. The research from leading international academics has been drawn together with the experience from some of the industry's foremost SCM practitioners to provide both the experienced researcher and the industry practitioner a thorough grounding in its principles, as well as an illustration of SCM as a methodology for enhancing construction industry project success.

  • Book

  • Authors: Jay Heizer (2020)

  • Operations Management: Sustainability and Supply Chain Management presents a broad introduction to the field of operations in a realistic, meaningful and practical manner, while offering the largest and most diverse collection of issues on the market. Problems found in the third Canadian edition contain ample support to help readers better understand concepts important to today’s operations management professionals.

  • Book

  • Authors: Houda Derbel (2020)

  • This book presents recent work that analyzes general issues of green logistics and smart cities. The contributed chapters consider operating models with important ecological, economic, and social objectives.

  • Sách/Book

  • Authors: David Brennan (2020)

  • Process Industry Economics: Principles, Concepts and Applications, Second Edition, explores the fundamentals of market evaluation, capital and operating cost estimation, and profitability evaluation, along with their implications for process technology evaluation, project development and investment decisions. Sections cover time dependent technology evolution in process plants, including scale development, performance improvement in new and operating plants, and learning related to environmental, safety and sustainability assessments. Influences on capital investment decisions, including capacity planning and environmental considerations are explored and supported by case studies. Finally, the aspects of overall industry performance and drivers are discussed.