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  • Sách/Book

  • Authors: Michael Fitzgerald (2018)

  • The Accounting Picture Book teaches accounting based on diagrams of the conceptual structure of accounting. These are the definitive accounting diagrams.Part 2 is the second volume of the book. It focuses on the hardest intermediate-level topics where diagrams are most needed. These are topics that can seem incomprehensible in standard textbooks. The diagrams in this book display the structures and their mechanics, so you’ll understand the concepts.

  • Sách/Book

  • Authors: Donald E. Kieso (2019)

  • Intermediate Accounting, 17th Edition is written by industry thought leaders, Kieso, Weygandt, and Warfield and is developed around one simple proposition: create great accountants. Upholding industry standards, this edition incorporates new data analytics content and up-to-date coverage of leases, revenue recognition, financial instruments, and US GAAP & IFRS.

  • Sách/Book

  • Authors: Elizabeth A. Gordon (2019)

  • 2nd Edition gives readers the opportunity to develop problem-solving skills, apply their judgment, and work with real company financials. After mastering these essential skills, students will be ready to pass the CPA exam, and able to think like accountants.

  • Sách/Book

  • Authors: J. David Spiceland (2019)

  • The new tenth edition has produced the most cleanly streamlined, thoroughly market-tested, and fully integrated coverage for the latest GAAP and Accounting Standards Updates, as well as tax reforms from the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, including: Income Taxes (ch. 16), Leases (ch. 15), Revenue recognition (ch. 5).