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  • Book

  • Authors: Rajat Acharyya (2023)

  • The approach taken hereis distinctly different from that in most of the existing textbooks on international economics. Instead of model-specific discussions of the basic issues, it discusses the basic principles governing trade, gains from trade, and characteristics of international equilibrium in the context of a general

  • Sách/Book

  • Authors: W. Charles Sawyer (2020)

  • Applied International Economics, 5th edition, offers a modern and accessible treatment of international economics, shifting the emphasis from pure theory to the application of theory by using the standard tools of economic analysis. This new and streamlined edition makes the real-world application of international economics even more clear than previous editions, and focuses on the basics that students will need in order to analyze information on the world economy throughout their future careers. The new edition has been refocused, revised, and thoroughly updated. Key features include: Expanded coverage of China's role in the world economy. New material on the how changes in trade flows can be decomposed into the extensive and intensive margins of trade. New material on the use of S...