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  • TVS.001298_Oliver Claas - Essays on Wage Bargaining in Dynamic Macroeconomics-Springer International Publishing (2019)_1.pdf.jpg
  • Sách/Book

  • Authors: Oliver Claas (2019)

  • This book addresses collective bargaining in an intertemporal monetary macroeconomy of the aggregate supply–aggregate demand (AS–AD) type with overlapping generations of consumers and with a public sector. The results are presented in a unified framework with a commodity market that clears competitively. By analyzing the implications of three variants of collective bargaining – efficient bargaining in a uniform and a segmented labor market and “right-to-manage” wage bargaining – it identifies the quantity of money, price expectations, union power, and union size as the determinants of temporary equilibria. In the three scenarios, it characterizes and compares the temporary equilibria ...