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  • TVS.000968- Data Structures and Program Design in C++ - Robert L. Kruse_1.pdf.jpg
  • Sách/Book

  • Authors: L. Kruse, Robert (2000)

  • This book and its supplements were written and produced with software called PreTEX, a preprocessor and macro package for the TEX typesetting system.2 PreTEX, by exploiting context dependency, automatically supplies much of the typesetting markup required by TEX. PreTEX also supplies several tools that greatly simplify some aspects of an author’s work. These tools include a powerful cross-reference system, simplifiedtypesettingofmathematicsandcomputer-programlistings, and automatic generation of the index and table of contents, while allowing the processing of the book in conveniently small files at every stage. Solutions, placed with exercises and projects, are automatically removed fr...