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  • TVS.003918_(Transactions on Computational Science and Computational Intelligence) Fadi Al-Turjman - Artificial Intelligence in IoT-Springer Internatio-1.pdf.jpg
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  • Authors: Fadi Al-Turjman (2019)

  • This book provides an insight into IoT intelligence in terms of applications and algorithmic challenges. The book is dedicated to addressing the major challenges in realizing the artificial intelligence in IoT-based applications including challenges that vary from cost and energy efficiency to availability to service quality in multidisciplinary fashion.

  • TVS.005018_Fadi Al-Turjman - Artificial Intelligence of Health-Enabled Spaces-CRC Press (2023)-1.pdf.jpg
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  • Authors: Fadi Al-Turjman (2023)

  • Artificial Intelligence of Health-Enabled Spaces (AIoH) has made revolutionary advances in clinical studies that we know so far. Among these advances, intelligent and medical services are gaining lots of interest. Nowadays, AI-powered technologies are not only used in saving lives, but also in our daily life activities in diagnosing, controlling, and even tracking of COVID-19 patients. The AI-powered solutions are expected to communicate with cellular networks smoothly in the next generation networks (5G/6G and beyond) for more effective/critical medical applications. This will open the door for another interesting research areas. This book focuses on the development and analysis of A...