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  • Authors: Michael R. Ziegler (2014)

  • The thirteenth edition of College Mathematics for Business, Economics, Life Sciences, and Social Sciences is designed for a two-term (or condensed one-term) course in finite mathematics and calculus for students who have had one to two years of high school algebra or the equivalent. The book’s overall approach, refined by the authors’ experience with large sections of college freshmen, addresses the challenges of teaching and learning when prerequisite knowledge varies greatly from student to student. The authors had three main goals when writing this text: ▶ To write a text that students can easily comprehend ▶ To make connections between what students are learning and how they may apply that knowledge ▶ To give flexibility to instructors to tailor a course to the needs of t...

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  • Authors: Susanna S. Epp (2010)

  • Susanna Epp's DISCRETE MATHEMATICS WITH APPLICATIONS, FOURTH EDITION provides a clear introduction to discrete mathematics. Renowned for her lucid, accessible prose, Epp explains complex, abstract concepts with clarity and precision. This book presents not only the major themes of discrete mathematics, but also the reasoning that underlies mathematical thought. Students develop the ability to think abstractly as they study the ideas of logic and proof. While learning about such concepts as logic circuits and computer addition, algorithm analysis, recursive thinking, computability, automata, cryptography, and combinatorics, students discover that the ideas of discrete mathematics underlie and are essential to the science and technology of the computer age. Overall, Epp's emphasis on ...

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  • Authors: Burden, Richard L (2011)

  • This well-respected text gives an introduction to the theory and application of modern numerical approximation techniques for students taking a one- or two-semester course in numerical analysis. With an accessible treatment that only requires a calculus prerequisite, Burden and Faires explain how, why, and when approximation techniques can be expected to work, and why, in some situations, they fail. A wealth of examples and exercises develop students' intuition, and demonstrate the subject's practical applications to important everyday problems in math, computing, engineering, and physical science disciplines. The first book of its kind built from the ground up to serve a diverse undergraduate audience, three decades later Burden and Faires remains the definitive introduction to a v...

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  • Authors: Abramson, Jay (2015)

  • College Algebra provides a comprehensive exploration of algebraic principles and meets scope and sequence requirements for a typical introductory algebra course. The modular approach and richness of content ensure that the book meets the needs of a variety of courses. College Algebra offers a wealth of examples with detailed, conceptual explanations, building a strong foundation in the material before asking students to apply what they’ve learned.

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  • Authors: Sathaye, Avinash (2018)

  • This book represents a significant departure from the current crop of commercialcollege algebra textbooks. In our view, the core material for the (non-remedial)courses defined by these tomes is but a shadow of that traditionally covered materialin a reasonable high school program. Moreover, much of the material is substantiallyrepeated from earlier study and it proceeds at a slow pace with extensive practice anda large number of routine exercises. As taught, such coursestend to be ill-advisedattempts to prepare the student for extensive calculationsusing calculators, withsupposed “real life” examples offered for motivation and practice. Given the limitedtime and large number of individual topics to study, the average student emerges,perhaps, with the ability to answer isolated quest...

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  • Authors: Aharon Ben-Tal (2012)

  • LECTURE OUTLINE • The Role of Convexity in Optimization • Duality Theory • Algorithms and Duality • Course Organization

  • Book

  • Authors: Jeffrey R. Chasnov (2016)

  • Contents: - A short mathematical review - Introduction to odes - First-order odes - Second-order odes, constant coefficients - The Laplace transform - Series solutions - Systems of equations - Nonlinear differential equations - Partial differential equations - Second-order odes, constant coefficients