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Title: A blockchain-based Certificate Management System using the Hyperledger Fabric Platform
Authors: Tran Quang Duy
Keywords: blockchain technology; Hyperledger Fabric
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Thang Long Journal of Science
Series/Report no.: Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences, 2(8).;67-85
Abstract: In recent years, blockchain technology, with its outstanding advantages in terms of security and decentralized data storage, has quickly been applied in education, especially in managing educational certificates. The traditional paper certificate management process has many limitations on security, storage, verification, ownership, and prevention of certificate fraud and tampering. With emerging blockchain technology, the traditional paper certificate management process has changed to a new stage with massive benefits and opportunities to overcome the above challenges. Following this approach, many blockchain-based applications have been proposed, and several universities worldwide have adopted various solutions based on blockchain technology. This paper presents implementing an educational certificate management system based on blockchain technology using the Hyperledger Fabric platform. Our proposed solution can be solved in almost storage and security aspects of certificate management problems, such as confidence, verification, ownership, and tamper avoid.
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