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Title: A novel analytical model to validate the ieee 802.11 mac performance in wireless multi-hop grid networks
Authors: TS. Hoàng Trọng Minh
Keywords: IEEE 802.11 MAC | Analytical model | Markov chain,grid networks
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: TLU
Abstract: The IEEE 802.11 MAC is originated design to local wireless network that suites for single hop fashion. Nowadays, it becomes de facto standard for many emerged multi-hop network technologies such as sensor network, vehicle ad-hoc network or mesh network. However, the standard employed CSMA/CA mechanism has to face with potential challenges which come from characteristics of multi-hop transmission environment. In which, node distribution is one of key factors concerned to the successful transmission probability of a connection and overall network performance. Hence, this paper proposes a novel analytical model of IEEE 802.11 MAC based wireless multi-hop network to validate main network performance parameters in grid fashion.
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